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Does your bathroom resemble a scene from Psycho?

It is 60 years ago since Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘Psycho’ was played and who can forget the famous scene when Janet Leigh takes her final shower.  In the scene, she pulls to the side a shower curtain that some dated bathrooms still model today.  She must step carefully into the tub and pull the curtain behind her, ensuring that all of it drops into the tub to avoid soaking the bathroom floor.  She turns on the tap and takes a sharp intake of breath as the cold water hits her skin and takes an age to become warm.  To compound her problems even further, the lack of visibility from the shower curtain means she does not notice the intruder enter the bathroom.  Suddenly the shower curtain flings back and all she can see is the huge knife lunging towards her.  As the blood drains from her body, she holds onto the curtain for dear life but it cannot hold the weight of her body and the clips on the rail start to ping off, one by one until she slumps to the bath tub floor.

Sound familiar? Do you think of Psycho every time you step into your bath? Do you hate the fact you have to climb carefully into the tub every time you want to take a shower?  Are you fed up with feeling that cold air blow through your shower curtain?  Do you hate the water splashing all over your floor because the shower curtain is too flimsy?  And do not even mention that hard to clean grout.

This Halloween why not look into upgrading your tired, dated bathroom into a luxurious, modern-day walk-in shower experience.  Our luxury showers come with a fully transparent screen, our thermostatic power showers deliver a hot, powerful jet of water to create an invigorating stream of water.  Our safety hand rails ensure you have something to hang on and if you don’t feel like standing up whilst you shower, we can install a safety seat for a more relaxing bathing experience.

Call us on 01202 287 254 or visit our website and look how we have transformed spooky bathrooms into stunning, safer bathing experiences. Happy Halloween to you all !!!

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